Liberal Netflix Tax ComingTo Canada

From: Huffington Post Canada The federal government is inching towards a so-called “Netflix tax,” with Canada’s media creators likely to line up in favor as some consumer groups and Internet providers oppose the move. A briefing note prepared for Heritage Minister Melanie Joly argues in favour of charging sales tax on digital content subscriptions, such as on Netflix’s monthly fee. […]

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Sir John A Macdonald

Today would have been not only the 202nd birthday of Sir John A.McDonald. Also, This year marks the 150th anniversary of Confederation that McDonald was indispensable in bringing about. As historian Arthur Milnes argued in a column that ran in many Postmedia papers today, there would be no Confederation without McDonald…nor his importance ever be underestimated. “If we do not take […]

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“Dief, The Chief”

from :Ottawa Citizen “I am one of those who believe that this party has a sacred trust, a trust in accordance with the traditions of (Sir John A.) Macdonald,” Diefenbaker thundered at the beginning of that historic campaign. “It has an appointment with destiny to plan and build for a greater Canada. It has a sacred trust handed down to […]

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