CPC Set Leadership Convention For Spring 2017

This week the conservative party of Canada set a date for the upcoming leadership convention for May 27, 2017. This timeframe allows for a thorough and robust vetting of all potential leadership candidates.

In addition, the process will allow a full slate of qualified political contenders to come forward in due time.

However, leadership selection must not be the conservatives only goal. As well, the reinvigoration of the party must be a priority.


Economy is priority for conservatives

Dear Prime Minister,

The deteriorating economic situation across Canada is of great concern to all of us who have been elected to serve in the House of Commons.

As Opposition Leader, I am concerned that recent statements made by you and your party during the election campaign to limit deficits to a “modest” $10 billion have been disavowed, and currently there is no clarity on the limit of spending being considered by your government as it prepares to bring in a budget.

In addition, it was disconcerting to read that Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Liberal MP Wayne Easter have publicly stated that they were “not sure whether the (House of Commons) finance committee will be struck in time to get insight from Canadians.” (Globe and Mail, January 13, 2016)

It is essential that as the elected representatives of Canadians, we are able to represent the issues that matter to our constituents and have input into the budget process, especially if the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance is not struck. To ensure the voices of all Canadians are heard equally, I am formally requesting a meeting with you at the earliest opportunity to discuss the rapidly deteriorating economy.

Your government has taken almost no time to turn a surplus (as indicated by the Parliamentary Budget Officer) into a deficit. In addition, the challenge of low commodity prices has devastated the energy sector in Alberta and is impacting the nation as a whole. The Conservative Party believes Canadian families and businesses deserve to see a plan to address these issues. I look forward to sharing my input with you.

I hope you will consider this request in the spirit in which it is made.




Hon. Rona Ambrose, P.C., M.P.

Happy birthday John A. Macdonald


“It is a great pleasure to encourage all Canadians to celebrate Sir John A. Macdonald Day. Sir John A., an immigrant to our shores like so many millions in our own era, sought and found opportunity in what was to become Canada. In a land divided by race, religion and geography, the Father of Confederation succeeded where others previously failed and united our land in 1867.”

“With skill and political force he brought together French and English, Catholic and Protestant, extended the vote to Aboriginal Canadians and fought for women’s voting rights. While far from perfect, Sir John A., the founder of our party, further united Canadians with the Canadian Pacific Railway and lived to see a trans-continental Canada that extended his inclusive vision for Canada from coast-to-coast

John A., Was a Nation builder in the best sense of the word.

Mike Harris The ace of spades of premiers

From CTV

“Three decades of evidence shows there is a close link between premiers’ party affiliation and what they achieve in office.”

The report shows small-c conservative premiers dominating the rankings, taking nine of the top 10 spots and two-thirds of the top 20, though every party has at least two premiers in the bottom 10 spots.

The report lauds Harris for running a lean government, with low revenue and spending levels, and slow growth in spending and public sector jobs, while knocking Marois for large budget deficits, a decline in private-sector jobs and declining business investment.

Glad to see the former Premier Mike Harris getting the recognition he deserves.

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