Common Sense Revolution At 20

This week marks the Twentieth anniversary of the first election of Mike Harris, as Premier of Ontario. Here are a few words that I wrote about the former Premier a couple of years ago and the common-sense that he brought into the province.

then leader of the Ontario PC’s Mike Harris decided to adopt a clearly conservative contrasting vision; not only a distinct way how the government was run but the approach to government entirely. This agenda for the overhaul of Ontario’s government was aptly named the Commonsense Revolution. Admittedly, the word revolution conjures up images that would easily seem to be an anathema to conservatism; nevertheless, the plan itself outlined clear-cut conservative principles that included lower taxes, work fare, and reduced overall expenses in government.
Indeed, Premier Mike Harris was one of the truly trans leaders; he cut taxes, and diminished the size and scope of government, as well as reducing deficits. In addition, by bringing in certain initiatives, like standardized testing for teachers.

PM Harper Visits Poland

First some background.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is kicking off the next leg of his European travel today in Warsaw, Poland.

Harper is to take part in a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

He then has meetings planned with Polish Prime Minister Eva Kopacz and President Bronislaw Komorowski.

Poland is a major European ally of Canada, which deployed 50 troops here on NATO training exercises last year.

Harper arrived from the G7 summit in Germany where the continuing unrest between Ukraine and Russia was a hot topic.

Harper enjoys strong relations with Poland, after forging a bond with Kopacz’s predecessor Donald Tusk, who became European Council president last year.

The Polish diaspora in Canada is estimated to be about one million.

“Once separated by an Iron Curtain, Canada and Poland now enjoy positive and longstanding defence relations. The Declaration of Intent signed today signals our desire to explore further collaboration in various areas, including training, military education, defence capacity building and information sharing.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper

As a Canadian of Polish heritage, I’m glad to see that Poland and Canada are beginning to forge a stronger relationship. Furthermore, having a closer relationship with Poland insurers were helping out and ally and creating stability in the region.

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