Ontario will Plunge Back Into Deficit

TORONTO – The Ontario government’s budget will not be balanced when it is delivered on March 28, the finance minister said Wednesday, reversing a key Liberal promise as the province prepares for a spring election.

Charles Sousa said the province will run a deficit of less than one percent of its gross domestic product starting next year, a move he said was meant to boost growth and allow more investment in key areas such as healthcare and childcare.


From The Statement

Another broken promise was delivered by the Wynne Liberals early this afternoon, plunging the province back into a deficit. In the Liberal line-up of broken promises, an unbalanced budget is the latest addition to their record of mismanagement and waste.

How can families trust a government when they say one thing and then do the complete opposite?

It seems the only promise the Wynne Liberals can keep, is that they will continue to look out for their own political interests and their insider friends. For 15 years, they’ve put their interests first, all to the detriment of hard-working Ontario families.

Here’s what Finance Minister Charles Sousa said just months ago:

“We have outperformed and as a result, we’re coming to balance next year and the year after that.”

“I will confirm that we will balance the budget. In fact, last year we beat our targets by just over $3 billion. And I will confirm that we are on track to deliver balanced budgets for the next two years as well.”

“The government is projecting balanced budgets in 2017–18 through to 2019–20.”

“We’re looking at a balanced budget in this coming budget… next year as well, and the year after that…”

“[Mr. Sousa vowed] … that the province’s books will remain balanced until the end of the decade.”

Mike Harris The ace of spades of premiers

From CTV

“Three decades of evidence shows there is a close link between premiers’ party affiliation and what they achieve in office.”

The report shows small-c conservative premiers dominating the rankings, taking nine of the top 10 spots and two-thirds of the top 20, though every party has at least two premiers in the bottom 10 spots.

The report lauds Harris for running a lean government, with low revenue and spending levels, and slow growth in spending and public sector jobs, while knocking Marois for large budget deficits, a decline in private-sector jobs and declining business investment.

Glad to see the former Premier Mike Harris getting the recognition he deserves.

Common Sense Revolution At 20

This week marks the Twentieth anniversary of the first election of Mike Harris, as Premier of Ontario. Here are a few words that I wrote about the former Premier a couple of years ago and the common-sense that he brought into the province.

then leader of the Ontario PC’s Mike Harris decided to adopt a clearly conservative contrasting vision; not only a distinct way how the government was run but the approach to government entirely. This agenda for the overhaul of Ontario’s government was aptly named the Commonsense Revolution. Admittedly, the word revolution conjures up images that would easily seem to be an anathema to conservatism; nevertheless, the plan itself outlined clear-cut conservative principles that included lower taxes, work fare, and reduced overall expenses in government.
Indeed, Premier Mike Harris was one of the truly trans leaders; he cut taxes, and diminished the size and scope of government, as well as reducing deficits. In addition, by bringing in certain initiatives, like standardized testing for teachers.