NDP Plays Reckless Games With Canada’s National Security

The last 24 hours has shown why most Canadians don’t consider the NDP a  viable mainstream option. First with the anti-Israel comments dropping like a nuclear bomb out of deputy leader Libby Davies mouth. Saying no less than Israel is basically an occupying power and has no right to exist. This morning the public finds out that the NDP has backed out of a deal to responsibly release the Afghan detainee documents. Instead the NDP rather put partisan politics before the people who serve this nation. If the NDP were a serious party they would see that most Canadians want to know the truth but they also want responsible due process when dealing with national security secrets. the NDP are a coalition of Toronto socialists and hard left zealots thrown in with the occasional “truthers”.  The NDP have a real danger of narrowing their base to the point of political irrelevance.

Here Comes A Ray of Right-Wing Sun

A New day has dawned for Canadian Cable News and it is glorious. Finally, Canada is going to get a Conservative alternative to the stand pat and politically correct pablum of CBC and CTV. The Sun Media Corporation is launching an all-new 24-Hour News and opinions channel and won’t be afraid to test the boundaries of political correctness and polite society in Canada.  For too long Canadian news have self censored themselves to try and fit the narrow ideology of speech codes and human rights czars. More importantly, if successful it will push the boundaries of polite political discussion in Canada into necessary but important waters . The first duty of any news organization is to question the political power  in the culture. If our news organizations don’t ask hard questions and just become echo chambers for self-fulfilling prophecies, this makes our democracy less free not more.

Stephen Taylor

Your Political Future Is Written In Your Face

It is said that your Eyes are the window into the soul so that makes your Face almost as important. Recently the public has become more aware of the emerging cottage industry surrounding the study of facial expressions and body language. Through the fictional character Dr. Cal Lightman and the successful new Fox series Lie to Me.  In fact,  the study of candidates body language and expressions have become an integral part of modern political campaigning.   With the tools an ability to shape a professional persona for politicians becoming more advanced in every election cycle. This leads to a situation where the public can scrutinize  politicians without them knowing . The influence of the media lens to make or destroy political careers is what keeps many good individuals out of politics and I can foresee this will just get  worse with time.

Power And Principle Do Not Mix

Let’s play name that quote who said,  “I am a subject of the British Crown, but whenever I have to choose between the interests of England and Canada it is manifest to me that the interests of my country are identical with those of the United States of America.”?   Was it John Diefenbaker or perhaps Robert Borden . No it was neither of those Conservative prime ministers it was Wilfrid Laurier,  the father of the modern Liberal party. With the salacious talk of uniting the left this week many political pundits have lost if not their minds  their historical memory. The Liberal party was founded originally on principles of being pro-small business and pro-free-trade. How the worm does turn.

The NDP on the other hand have a firm anti-capitalist and socialist background, this can be clearly seen when one looks at the prologue to the Regina Manifesto. This document calls for reorganization of not only society but the mode of production. These are classic code words for Marxist socialism. As well, the NDP revel in the fact that they are the moral conscience of Canada and would any members of the NDP want to give up their moral superiority for a glimpse of power. So getting rid of socialism would for the NDP be like taking away a bottle from a baby. It’s not possible. The Liberals would be better served if they took a long walk through the political wilderness then getting down and dirty with the NDP’ers.

Ontario Liberals Misled Middle-Class About Impact of The HST

Today a government issued study about the impact of the HST revealed that it would cost the average middle-class family over $480 a year in extra tax. It’s clear now the Liberals have led middle-class families down a breadcrumb path of half-truths and distortions. When it comes to the true impact of the HST .  Now   middle-class families will have to tighten their belts even more . When at the same time the limousine Liberals at Queens Park create $1 billion boondoggles one after the other. Interestingly the same day that true impact of the HST was announced  the government also let people know that the cheques were in the mail. Are the  Liberals giving a little sugar to Ontarians so the medicine of the HST tax can go down ?

The HST Tax Syndrome

As the witching hour draws near to where the Ontario taxpayer has to shoulder another gouging tax increase brought to you by McGuinty’s  Liberals. Increase taxes also increase the likelihood of many Ontarians turning to an emerging black market to satisfy the need for many common service industries like contractors . This quandary creates an environment where you have people actively trying to avoid paying taxes therefore, making the HST less effective not more. If the government treats people no better than medieval serfs this will eventually create a society that is more equal but less free. An increase in taxes has never been a popular policy. In fact significant societal and political shifts have been ushered in by a population that felt unjustly taxed and it can happen again.

What is the Price of Free Speech?

There is a definite difference between the way Liberals and Conservatives approach the fundamental value of free speech. For Liberals it is something to be closely monitored and controlled. It seems there is more of an adversarial tone when liberals do not have the mechanisms of government to control speech.

Time’s Joe Klein has accused several critics of Obama—including Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Fox News in general—not just of “hate speech” but of the more legally serious “borderline sedition.” After Coburn warned that some citizens might be saying, “ ‘I give up on my government,’ and rightly so,” Klein charged that the senator’s statement “comes dangerously close to incitement to violence.” Needless to say, Klein wasn’t talking about criminalizing dissent back in the Bush-Cheney years.

Liberal Politician Caught Red-Handed

Politicians have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar yet again. This time controversy surrounds liberal MP Judy Sgro she has been found to be in clear violation of the Commons rules on transferring of real estate. This isn’t the first time the former Minister of Immigration has been in hot water. Sgro has a history of violations and missteps in her parliamentary career. Proving yet again that with the Liberals especially it is do as I say not as I do. However these misdeeds by a few MPs are a drop in the bucket compared to the abuse that occurred during the British expense scandal. Where MPs from all parties plundered the public purse.In a time of economic distress politicians from all parties should be wary of how they spend the people’s money.