Tea or coffee a political thing

With the recent emergence of the coffee movement to challenge the tea party movement the battle of the breakfast beverages is underway. The coffee movement is the spontaneous answer to the somewhat maligned tea party movement. The coffee movement fashions themselves as a more progressive version of the tea party wanting bigger but better government it is a contradiction in […]

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Tim Hudak only leader willing to stand up against banning of UFC

  Tim Hudak yesterday was very vocal about the banning of the UFC The leader of the progressive conservative party saying that UFC could bring jobs to Ontario .”      McGuinty seems more interested in banning things — like candy in schools and pit bulls — than he is concerned with bringing tourism dollars to Toronto and Ontario.   ”  By taking […]

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Harper promises to use lead role in G8 to hold Iran to account

On Wednesday Stephen Harper made a statement saying Canada is committed to holding Iran to account and trying to curb their nuclear ambitions. Harper went on to say that his government would work with other governments to impose sanctions on Iran if needed. The growing fear among many Western nations is that Iran’s nuclear ambitions will destabilize an already factious […]

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