The Clinton Era Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

You know it is a sad state of political  affairs in the United States, when one has to hearken back to the sacred cows of the Clinton administration;  for an example of fiscal restraint in government . In retrospect the Clinton era was a brief break in the long  tradition of the Democratic Party playing the part of big spending and big government.

But as the Bush-Obama era of bailout economics and Keynesian rehabilitation settles into something like cruising speed, perhaps the most fantastic fact to swallow will be that once upon a time the United States had a president who restrained government spending, balanced the budget, argued forcefully for the benefits of free trade, and declared that “the era of big government is over.” And he was a Democrat.
I come here not to mourn Bill Clinton, nor to give him sole credit for accomplishments that would not have happened without a hostile Republican Congress, but rather to lament the mostly unremarked passing of the political movement that made his economic successes possible. Its disappearance has meant the biggest expansion of the federal government since World War II.