Perks for Politicians More Important Than Patient Care

This is more important
then this. mixed priorities?

Nintendo Wii’s and Emergency Healthy Care waiting lines headlined yesterday’s report by Ontario’s Auditor General, Jim McCarter  was his own type of truth detector; exposing longer wait times and questionable expenses by professional bureaucrats. This raises the question,  have the Ontario Liberals been in office too long and as a result,  mixed up their priorities?. For a more in-depth analysis of the Auditor General report, [click here] Any right minded citizen would think it’s time for a change in Ontario.

“The Auditor General’s annual report revealed much of what we’ve come to expect from Dalton McGuinty, and confirmed the legacy of waste continues under his watch. It’s clear, the only way to bring about the change that Ontario families deserve is to change this government.”
Tim Hudak leader Ontario PC party

The clown at midnight Auditor General report