Liberals Have Lost Their Way

A former Liberal candidate in B.C. Drew Adamick  has come out against the Liberal party and now is supporting the NDP. Funny enough this isn’t Drew’s first brush with controversy.

From Vancouver Sun

“So far, this campaign has really firmly cemented my decision,” Adamick said. “Michael Ignatieff has been a huge disappointment for me and I just think the Liberals have lost their way.”

Here is what Adamick said about the Green Shift  in 2008

I’ve read the Liberal “Green Shift”. It’s about time the Liberals came out with some kind of policy. Too bad it’s flawed in many respects: it does not truly reflect the current realities of rural and northern Canadians, it does not penalize heavy polluters enough, it does not truly provide incentives for people to take transit, drive less, use fuel-efficient vehicles, it does not provide enough incentives for people to use less fuel. I’m not against carbon taxes per se, just the two proposals that were put out there.

And there’s more on Stephane Dion’s leadership and the direction of the party.

Their lack of policy that looks beyond the City of Toronto and idealist in Vancouver and Montreal is another one. Dion’s leadership too is disappointing. I’ve tremendous respect for Stephane Dion the acedemic and the cabinet minister, just little for Stephane Dion the “leader.” I know in a previous post of mine, I gave Dion my support as a then-proud Liberal.

my only question is how did this individual become a Liberal candidate.